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17th June 2012

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Dreams in Darkness

Finished, blog

There is a companion blog and a Twitter. He lets you know when they first become relevant.

Initially the comments ruined this for me. There were a couple rude as fuck commenters on this blog (who came in after the blog had ended mind you) that kind of annoyed me for a while, but once I stopped really looking at those I was able to better enjoy it.

This blog was good, it was just… unsatisfying. I wanted to know more about the cult. I wanted to know more about the bone.  There were so many things that I just wanted to know more about. 

And it’s good in that you’re intrigued. And it’s good in that it leaves you wanting more. And I know so many of these things leave unanswered questions. But I just… wanted more. 

Thank you to the three people who informed me of the follow-up to this, Deja Vu Dreamer. You can all stop now. XD


And the final post from the brother just seemed too… complete. I agree with the random commenter that this was a cover-up. (It was mentioned in The Mystic as well so I might have been somewhat biased.)

But I just want more… There should be so much more…. 

I’m gonna stop whining now and go back to being an adult-like-person…

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